Christopher Adonis Champine

Christopher Champine is a prospective May 2018 graduate of Robert E. Lee High School.
Christopher has a strong ambition to become a law professional. For many lawyers, the process starts in high school. Hence, Christopher has been active in student government. His strong work ethic and drive
have propelled him to the top five percent in his graduating class. He
has maintained a 4.62 weighted grade point average and scored a 1140 on the SAT. Christopher has earned the honor and privilege of being president of the National Honor Society at Robert E. Lee.
Christopher’s beliefs and hard work in his community have inspired
him to compile 150-plus volunteer community-service hours to help
make his community a better environment for its tomorrows. In his leisure time, Mr. Champine enjoys wrestling, tennis and leading his swim team as team captain. Christopher has also worked as a YMCA lifeguard and is CPR-certified.


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