Grand Polemarch Announcements

Grand Polemarch Communication – COVID 19
This is the first of several communications you will receive from me in the upcoming weeks.  I have received numerous questions about Fraternity operations during this challenging time and frequent communications will ensure we all operate from the same playbook (forgive the sports metaphor).

1. Province Councils: You know by now that I directed all Councils postponed until official guidance from national and local healthcare officials indicates it’s safe to conduct them.I have received questions about not having Councils scheduled pursuant to the Constitution and Statutes.We will not penalize any Province for violating a Constitutional provision, with which it is impossible to comply, under the circumstances.Province Polemarchs have done a wonderful job navigating the rescheduling process and they will surely keep their respective regions updated.

2.Membership Intake: We are allowing membership intake to go forward but only through the end of March, 2020, and with the strictest healthcare precautions.We also must adhere to official directives regarding the number of individuals allowed to congregate in one area.This might mean conducting several intake sessions, virtual or in person, in much smaller classes than usual, and over a longer period of time.Our number one priority is the health and welfare of our candidates and brothers.You should only have in attendance the brothers necessary to conduct the ceremony, and no more.Brother Dr. Stephen Broughton, the Fraternity’s Health and Wellness Chair will issue his guidance on how to conduct a safe intake session.

3.Chapter meetings and other fraternity group gatherings at any location that exceed attendance limits established by national and local authorities should be cancelled until further notice.

4.Memorial Services are often attended by our brothers who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus and are prohibited until further notice, even if the number of attendees at a service is within the established limit for public gatherings.

5. International Headquarters is closed by order of the City of Philadelphia.Our capable staff is working remotely and continues to handle Fraternity business.I ask for your patience with the response time from IHQ staff regarding any requests.They will respond, but it might take a little longer.

6.You can continue to contact me and other Grand Chapter officers through social media and directly by email or phone.Again, I ask for your patience because the number of communications we receive has substantially increased, and it might take more time than usual to get back with you.

The bottom line is that Fraternity’s events are postponed until it’s safe to resume, but Fraternity operations will continue without interruption. 

Brothers, I appreciate your diligence and commitment to getting through these times.  Through the Grace of God and the sheer will and strength of the brotherhood, we will come out of this much better than we were when this started.

Thank you, brothers, for ALL you do.

Yours in the Bond,