Jacksonville Alumni Chapter

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was chartered and established on February 27, 1925, becoming the first Greek letter organization both in the city of Jacksonville and the state of Florida. Since the organization’s chartering in 1925, the chapter has mentored youth and performed service throughout the Duval County community.

In our recent history we have had the honor of having 91st Elder Watson Diggs Awardee & 7th Southern Province Polemarch Dr. Frank S. Emanuel (1999-2005), 14th Grand Historian (2011-2013) and current Journal Editor Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq., and current Executive Director John F. Burrell among our chapter achievers. Since that time Jacksonville Alumni, under the dynamic leadership of our thirty-nine Past Polemarchs, has moved from the 20th century right into the new millennium leading the way in every field of human endeavor as the Flagship Chapter of the Southern Province. Our brothers have turned the dreams of our ten founders into reality.

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2018 Kappa Man of the Year
Eric F. Womack


2018 Polemarch Ambassador Award
Nolan G. Gilmore