Jacksonville Alumni

Frank C. Emanuel

Welcome to the Jacksonville (FL) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity’s website. We are excited that you stopped by and hope that you share in our sense of faith, community, and achievement as you navigate the site. We are extremely proud of the rich history of leadership and service that has attributed to our ability to positively impact the communities that we serve. Our dedication to providing service to the communities in Northeast Florida and surrounding areas is inherent and indefatigable.

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter will continue to journey in the motto of our fraternity, “Achievement in every field of human endeavor”, as we have done for the past ninety-nine years. To our stakeholders, community partners, brothers, families, and friends…join us on the road to one hundred years as we celebrate a journey led by FAITH, inspired by COMMUNITY, and grounded in Achievement!

“Our dedication to providing service to the communities in Northeast Florida and surrounding areas is inherent and indefatigable.”

Frank C. Emanuel

42nd Polemarch

Community Center

The purpose is to raise funds for the construction of the new Dr. Charles B. Mcintosh Community Achievement Center. Our focus will be to provide the following services: Life Skills, Leadership Training, Financial Literacy and much more.

Scholarship Fund

The Kappa Alpha Psi Jacksonville Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the William and Betty Cody Foundation provides scholarships to graduating high school students in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area who have been admitted to a College or University. Scholarship Applications can be found here.

Kappa League

The Kappa League organization is incorporated in many cities throughout the United States under the leadership of the local Alumni chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi. The program reaches out to young African-American males in the community as a means of developing future leaders of tomorrow.

Guide Right Program

Our Guide Right Program, sponsored by the Kappa Alpha Psi Jacksonville Foundation, Inc., consists of mentoring youth at local schools throughout the Duval County School District as well as providing scholarships over the last 25 years through our Kappa Scholars Program. Our signature Guide Right Program is our Jacksonville Guide Right Leadership & Development Program better known as the Kappa League. Middle School and High School young men participate in leadership workshops in addition to conducting monthly volunteer activities. The Kappa League also worships together on a quarterly basis at church services around the city.

In our recent history we have had the honor of having 91st Elder Watson Diggs Awardee & 7th Southern Province Polemarch Dr. Frank S. Emanuel (1999-2005), 14th Grand Historian (2011-2013) & current Journal Editor Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq., and current Executive Director & 109th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee John F. Burrell among our chapter achievers. Since that time Jacksonville Alumni, under the dynamic leadership of our forty Past Polemarchs, has moved from the 20th century right into the new millennium leading the way in every field of human endeavor as the Flagship Chapter of the Southern Province. Our brothers have turned the dreams of our ten founders into reality.

Dr. Frank S. Emanuel
91st Elder Watson Diggs Awardee

John F. Burrell
109th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee