Jacksonville Alumni

Chapter History

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was chartered by the 14th Grand Chapter and established on February 27, 1925 becoming the first Black Greek letter organization both in the city of Jacksonville and the state of Florida. Its initial roster of officers and charter members were:

  • Lemuel Bolton – Polemarch
  • Dr. I. A. White – Vice-Polemarch
  • Deaver P. Young – Keeper of Records
  • Oliver Dukes –Strategus
  • Dr. S. Spearaing Campbell – Lt. Strategus
  • J. R. E. Lee, Jr. – Charter Member
  • Jacob Wycliffe Keller – Charter Member
  • Lewis H. Meyers – Charter Member
  • Thomas R. Reid, Jr. – Charter Member
  • John C. Wright – Charter Member

The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter history is joined closely with the founding of Xi, Omicron, Atlanta and Baltimore Alumni chapters. Its creation was guided through the invaluable assistance of Dr. Hamilton M. Holmes, Charter Member of Pi Chapter (April 23, 1921) and Dr. Albert B. Cooper, Charter Member of Kappa Chapter (February 19, 1919), both charter members of the Atlanta Alumni Chapter (February 22, 1924) serving as the chapter’s first Polemarch & Vice Polemarch respectively.

Charter members Bolton, Keller and Young also brought achievement in Kappa with them to Florida. Keller and Bolton were also charter members of the Xi Chapter (December 27, 1920) at Howard University as Polemarch and Keeper of Records, respectively. Brother Keller under the influence of Kappa Alpha Psi FOUNDER Byron K. Armstrong petitioned the administration at Howard University for the establishment of a Kappa Alpha Psi chapter on their campus. He was also an adjutant with the rank of Captain in the Reserve Officers Training Corps while at Howard. Brothers Bolton and Keller also served on the first Pan-Hellenic Council at Howard University, which was spearheaded by Xi Chapter. Brother Bolton served as its chairmen. Brother Young also served as a charter member and Keeper of Records of the Omicron Chapter (February 27, 1921) at Columbia University as well as a charter member of the Baltimore Alumni Chapter (September 9, 1921). He went on to serve as Province Polemarch of the Southeastern Province in 1926. Charter member Dr. S. Spearaing Campbell also received an Achievement Award by the 24th Grand Chapter Achievement Commission.

In our recent history we have had the honor of having 91st Elder Watson Diggs Awardee & 7th Southern Province Polemarch Dr. Frank S. Emanuel (1999-2005), 14th Grand Historian (2011-2013) & current Journal Editor Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq., and current Executive Director & 109th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee John F. Burrell among our chapter achievers. Since that time Jacksonville Alumni, under the dynamic leadership of our forty Past Polemarchs, has moved from the 20th century right into the new millennium leading the way in every field of human endeavor as the Flagship Chapter of the Southern Province. Our brothers have turned the dreams of our ten founders into reality.

Jacksonville Alumni Chapter Polemarchs

*1st Lemuel Bolton [1925-1932]
*2nd Dr. Harry A. Anderson [1932-1935]
*3rd Dr. W.L. Redmon [1935-1940]
*4th C.A. Jones [1940-1941]
*5th Maxie Elliott Wilson [1941-1942]
*6th James Joyner [1942-1947]
*7th Chester Cowart [1947-1947]
*8th Cassius W. Jones [1947-1948]
*9th Claude O. Hilliard [1949-1950]
*10th George B. Nairn [1950-1951]
*11th William Mathis [1951-1952]
*12th George Starkes, III [1952-1953]
*13th Claude O. Hilliard [1953-1955]
*14th George B. Nairn [1955-1956]
*15th Killis B. Bonner [1956-1957]
*16th Longineau Parsons [1957-1959]
*17th John T. Floyd [1959-1961]
18th Dr. Robert L. Mitchell [1961-1964]
*19th George Starkes, III [1964-1965]
*20th George H. Hill [1965-1971]
*21st Lawrence V. Jones [1971-1976]
22nd Dr. R.L. Mitchell [1976-1980]
*23rd George Hill [1980-1981]
24th Earl Sims [1981-1981]
*25th Franklin D. Richardson [1982-1984]
26th Dr. Solomon L. Badger, III [1984-1987]
27th Nolan G. Gilmore [1987-1988]
28th Dr. Frank S. Emanuel [1988-1990] (91st Elder Watson Diggs Awardee)
***7th Southern Province Polemarch 1999-2005***
29th J. Burnie Caine [1990-1994]
30th Dr. Herman Miller, Jr. [1994-1997]
31st Laroda J. Barnes [1997-1998]
32nd Dr. William L. Cody [1998-2001]
33rd John F. Burrell, ATC [2001-2004] (109th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee and 10th Executive Director)
34th Allen L. Moore Sr. [2004-2004]
35th Dennis Gamble [2004-2007]
36th Allen L. Moore Sr. [2007-2009]
37th Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. [2009-2012] (Journal Editor)
***14th Grand Historian 2011-2013***
38th Dennis Gamble [2012-2015]
39th Mark Chapman III [2015-2018]
40th Scott Channing Armstrong[2018-2020]
41st Polemarch Julius L. Collins[2021-2023]
42nd Polemarch Frank C. Emanuel [Current]